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svelte 5

Deploy faster

Everything you need to ship in days

Magic link + google auth
An auth flow that is easy, secure and always verifies the users email. No third party auth providers needed.
Same code, 30+ styles
By using tailwindcss and daisyUI you can use the exact same code to style your projects in many different ways.
Deploy to production for free
Besides the code being free this boilerplate is made for platforms with generous free tiers like Vercel and Turso.
And much more
Transactional emails with resend, easy database migrations and deployments with drizzle and turso. Super easy local dev experience.

Hi! I'm Fulco

I'm a fullstack developer who loves Svelte and SvelteKit. Over the past year, I've noticed a surge in paid SaaS boilerplates.

These boilerplates can be valuable if they save you time, but it's hard to know what you're getting until you've purchased them!

On the other hand there are open source boilerplates. But often these aren't maintained or updated as much post launch.

That is why I wan't to propose a gentleman's agreement. This boilerplate will stay free and opensource.

But, if it does provide value to you and saves you hours of work. You support svelte boilerplate by making a donation.

The roadmap

What is coming

What else is coming to the boilerplate? Here are some of the features that I would like to add. I'll add checkmarks as I complete them.

Posthog Analytics
Add posthog analytics in a way that events aren't blocked by adblockers.
Payments with Stripe
Setup the webhooks to listen for succesful payments from stripe.
Documentation on how to setup various features and get how to get API keys.
A setup CLI
A Command Line Interface similar to npm create svelte where you get some tech choices like e.g. the database.
Blog components
A way to easily deploy blogs that have all the things neccesary for SEO.
Admin dashboard
A dashboard where you can update/delete/edit users.


This is where I'd put my testimonials if I had them

"The Svelte starter kit is a game-changer. It offers seamless integration and smooth development. The clean code structure significantly reduces setup time. Overall, it impressively accelerates project kick-off!"



He is a great kid, please use his boilerplate so he feels validated.

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