Skip the boring parts, Ship svelte 5 apps in days not weeks

A free and opensource svelte 5 saas starterkit, including authentication, payments, email, analytics and more.

Everything you need to create a beautiful web app


  • Magic Link login
  • Social login with google
  • User saved in turso database
  • Easily add other social logins with lucia


  • 30+ styles with daisyUI
  • The landing page components you see here
  • Dark mode


  • Accept payments with stripe
  • Handle stripe webhooks


  • Analytics set up with Posthog
  • No blocking by adblockers by using vercel as proxy
  • Easily implement A/B testing or feature flag

And more...

  • Easily set SEO tags through the load function
  • Turso as the database and drizzle as ORM (see FAQ why)
  • Vercel for hosting the frontend
  • Easy email sending or receiving with Postmark
turso postmark

Hi! I'm Fulco

I'm a fullstack developer who loves Svelte 5 and SvelteKit. This year I want to build many different products and see what sticks.

I build this boilerplate with all the basics like auth, payments, and landing page components so that I can focus on the parts that matter for future products.

I know many other people have already put out a paid boilerplate so I decided to opensource mine. If you think it saved you hours of work and you want to donate you can do so here

Finally if you want to hire a kick-ass fullstack developer for contracting work. can contact me here

If you enjoy Just Ship don't forget to star it on Github



Choose the right plan for you


$0 usd
  • All the Just Ship code
  • Auth, Payments, Analytics, Styling, Components, etc
  • Access to groupchat
Clone Just Ship
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$20 usd
  • Everything in free
  • Access to groupchat with me to ask questions (you'll receive an invite within 24h)
  • My gratitude ❤️
Support Just Ship
Still have questions? We've got you covered!
I really like Just Ship, how can I show my support if I don't want to donate?

You can show your support by starring Just Ship on GitHub. I'd also love to receive shoutouts on social media platforms like X or GitHub. Feel free to DM me on any platform, and I'll add your support to a future "Wall of Love" on this landing page.

Is there more extensive documentation on how to get started?

Not currently. I created this boilerplate primarily for my own needs and decided to open-source it. Writing documentation is less enjoyable for me than writing code, but if you have questions, you can always donate to gain access to our group chat where you can ask for help.

Why did you choose Vercel for hosting?

Vercel offers a remarkable developer experience with features like branch previews and automatic deployments based on GitHub pushes. While it can be costlier with high traffic volumes, this boilerplate is meant for quick product experiments. If a product gains traction, migrating to another service is straightforward.

Why did you choose Turso for the database?

I appreciate the simplicity of SQLite, and Turso extends that simplicity by allowing it not to run on the same server as your application. This offers the best of both worlds: an excellent local development story and worry-free scalability and backups in production.

Why did you choose PostHog for analytics?

PostHog offers a generous free tier, an extensive feature set, and comprehensive documentation. Although I haven’t tested many other analytics providers, my positive experience with PostHog has persuaded me to stick with it.

Why did you choose Stripe for payments?

Stripe provides an excellent developer experience. While I'm not particularly concerned that they aren't the merchant of record—a key selling point for Paddle or LemonSqueezy—I am open to other payment providers. Feel free to submit a pull request to add alternative payment options.